“God didn’t give you influence so you’d lead people better; He gave it so you’d love people more.” 
-Bob Goff, Dream Big

Bob Goff is one my favorite author and someone I look up to. He speaks so much truth and teaches in a way that is easy and exciting to learn. If you don’t know him you definitely need to get to know him. He speaks about loving others like christ, failures are necessary in life, going after what God created you for, and find joy in this beautiful one life we have. One of the things I love most about Bob Goff’s books are that they always give me the biggest revelations and wake up calls… This quote is no exception. 

We tend to be so caught up in wanting the approval of others and are shown in the world that we need to lead others better. Unfortunately, we get leading people better confused as to what leading people looks like. What we all see today is that being a leader means being sought after, having a following, and having power. We see so many people becoming “influencers” and talking us into buying clothes, make up, gadgets, and all these things that will make our lives better… but that’s the worlds view of influence. God’s view of influence is to love people freely and lead others to do the same. To be completely selfless and give light and love to every single person in this earth. 

In Galatians 5:13 it says “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve on another humbly in love.” We use our freedom everyday to indulge in ourselves constantly and that leaves most of us feeling unfulfilled and down in the dumps…so what if we start using this freedom to give to others? Not asking for anything in return or feeling like you should get something out of it, but just completely selflessly give to others with abundant love… I think that sounds like a really fulfilling and love filled life, don’t you? It’s something that I want to get better at and feel the need to do more of. Give time, love, money, things, thoughts, ideas, and kindness. Looking for nothing in return. Everything else in life would be just a gift, as it’s already meant to be. 

So as you go about your day today, think of some ways you can use your freedom to love people more freely. Think of ways to be an influencer of God’s unconditional love. Think of ways to live a life happily inked by God’s love.