Photo: Second Shot for Summer Simmons

10 Things To Delegate On Your Wedding Day

Picture this: You just got married and are about to run through the sparkler send off and hop in the car and drive off. However, when you run through the sparklers there is no car waiting for you all. Or you can't find your car keys, phone, wallet, or even your marriage license! While it may seem silly to assign someone to be in charge of your phone, it is still good to have someone be in charge of knowing where it is at all times. So here is a little list of things to delegate on your wedding day.

  1. Have 2 buckets of sand for the sparklers to be put into after the exit 
  2. Schedule (if you do not have a coordinator)
  3. Your phone, keys, and personal items (same for groom)
  4. Getting your getaway car & sparklers ready for the exit (typically groomsmen job or someone who will not be drinking since driving and using a lighter will be involved)
  5. Bustling (take them with you to the appointment or have the seamstress film on your phone how to bustle your dress)
  6. Bouquet & boutonnieres (Have paper towels handy to dry off the stems & someone to manage your bouquet)
  7. Marriage license (where it is, make sure it is signed, and get it to who needs to have it by the end of the night.)
  8. Gather everyone and line them up before the ceremony (if you do not have a coordinator)
  9. What boxes, decor, and personal items need to go in what car.
  10. Getting you all your meals at the reception and drink/snacks after the ceremony. (typically a bridesmaid or coordinator)