5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

One of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding planning is choosing your venue! Your venue should reflect who you and your love are, which can be challenging to figure out! So I have compiled a few questions to ask when you are looking for the perfect venue!

  1. How many people can this space comfortably hold? There is a difference between a comfortable hold and a maximum hold. You don't want your guests to be shoulder to shoulder, bumping into one another and unable to walk around easily!
  2. What is included in the rental fee and what is excluded? It is important to know what you are getting for your money! Some venues provide practically everything, while others provide just the land.
  3. How much is it for additional hours? Sometimes you might need an extra hour to pack up decor or an extra hour to decorate! Some venues are very strict about time and others are fine with adding an hour, just make sure to ask!
  4. What is the rain plan? For weddings that have the ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, or all three are outside, it is SO vital that you have a rain plan!! If the rain plan includes having your ceremony and reception inside, make sure they have enough time to flip the space and have a spot for your guests to be while they do so.
  5. Are there any restrictions? This is another big one! Lots of venues have restrictions on balloons, parking, music volume, and even vendor restrictions.

These 5 questions will help make sure the wedding venue you pick is the perfect one for your wedding day!