August of 2021 was just another typical Sunday in Knoxville, TN. My husband (then boyfriend) and I had just adopted a cat the day before and were getting his room set up before getting ready for dinner with my mom and stepfather. After dinner, I was going to be taking photos of my church's college night, and I was so excited! It was the first time I would be taking pictures of this event, and it would be a huge turnout. Anyways, we got ready and Erich wanted to match. He usually likes to match so I didn't think much of it, other than he was a cutie. We drove to my mom's house and my mom talked to us for a second and wanted to go up to our family's farmhouse on the hill and scout out future wedding ceremony spots. (Erich and I were already planning our wedding months before we got engaged). We all walked up to the family farmhouse and she had Erich and I walk up towards the porch for a picture, then she yell's "Okay Perfect!!" and then Erich Proposed :) I was definitely surprised and then I was even more surprised by my friend Lucy coming out of nowhere taking photos of the proposal! We were able to have some photos taken of us from that day, and it was so special. I am so grateful that Erich had asked her to take photos of that moment, and it was at that moment that I realized how special photography truly is. To be able to capture those kinds of moments for others along with creating a positive experience is what I strive for with my clients. I know how important these moments in time are...I also know how overwhelming this time in your life can be, so I have started this blog as a way to connect more with people and hopefully help them through this time of life. So this first post is about the 5 items that I found necessary during my engagement and wedding, and I hope it helps you too.

4 Things Every Bride-To-Be Needs

All items are linked :)

Ring Cleaner- This is a must for keeping your wedding ring sparkly and clean!

Something Borrowed-This place is perfect for renting cute accessories for any upcoming wedding event you have! The bride-to-be below rented that gorgeous blue and white bag that was originally $230 for only $50 for a week!

Ring Holder- Okay, a place to safely put your ring is super important. Etsy is a great place to find beautiful custom ring holders like the one linked!

Press On Nails- With all the photos that are going to be taken of your hand, you will probably want to have your nails looking nice and polished. Expect going to the nail salon every few weeks can be super expensive and time-consuming...The press on nails that are linked has been my favorite ones that I have tried so far. They are reusable, have tons of design options, and last up to a week. Oh, AND they are just $10!

Wedding Planner Book- Planning a wedding can leave your head spinning, even with a wedding planner. There are so many decisions and meetings that it can truly be overwhelming. One of the best ways to beat this overwhelm is to have a planner. The one attached is a great overall wedding planner book, but definitely do some research and figure out what planning tool is best for you. Many couples use which has a free online planning tool!

The last item you may need/want is a....photographer! There are so many once-in-a-lifetime moments that you will want to look back on. Hiring a photographer for engagement photos, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners is something you would look back on and be grateful for. Hiring a photographer gives you and your loved ones time to be present during these events.